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At the heart of the best lands in the Rhône Valley, cultivated for centuries by generations of wine-growers, Tavel has produced wine for kings and for the elite -- the perfect wine for those whose enjoyment is based on passion and authenticity.

Of all the A.O.C. wines, Tavel is the only one to have explicitly refused to produce reds and whites, choosing instead to remain true to its age-old calling. In this region, the color rose is no passing trend; it's an identity.

  Tavel has always distinguished itself from its neighbors in the Rhône Valley, with whom it lives in harmony. Historically, it has always led the way in matters of justice, commerce, and technology. Thus it stands out from the other French rosés because of its characteristic taste, its history, and its production methods. We could even say that it hardly belongs in the same category as ordinary rosés. It is the only rosé that appears on the menus of all the three-star French restaurants.

These are the estates that produce Tavel wines.
  Alcohol may be dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation.
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