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Saint Victor la Coste
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 Saint Victor la Coste
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Saint Victor la Coste
Saint Victor la Coste
Town hall :: 04 66 50 02 17
Saint Victor la Coste 
The houses of Saint Victor la Coste spread out from the wooded hills to the wine-growing plains of the Rhône Valley. Since it is located at some distance from the main roads, the town has been able to maintain all of its charm. At the foot of its fortified castle and medieval village, it presents a full range of architecture from the Middle Ages to the present day, including the town hall square and its beautiful 19th-century houses. The local products are mainly wines, particularly wines of great renown, but close to the stream, you can find the traces of the limestone production of centuries past.
The landscape is surprising because of the sharp contrast between the well-cultivated plain that extends northward and the wild hills to the south whose vegetation is characteristic of the garrigues.
shops 1 grocery-butcher shop, 1 pharmacy, 1 caterer, 1 santon shop, 1 tobacco shop-newsstand, 1 bakery, 1 iron worker, 1 bicycle-maker, all crafts, all medical and nursing services, schools.
heritage The town possesses a very important heritage:
The medieval site and its fortified castle (listed as a historical monument)
The priory of Meyran (historical monument)
The remains of the beautiful Romanesque chapel of Saint Martin
The village wash-houses (historical monuments)
The town hall
The church
history Saint Victor la CosteSaint Victor la Coste has been inhabited since prehistoric times, but its most important period was the Middle Ages, when it was ruled by the Sabran family. The seigneur de Sabran, also connétable of the Count of Toulouse, had made Saint Victor la Coste an impregnable site by building extensive fortifications around this castle which was built on a hill. The Sabrans were related to the greatest families in our history, and they participated in the Crusades. The seigneury passed on to wealthy Italian families, which befriended artists and received painters and sculptors.
local products Côtes du Rhône wines and wines of the Laudun Village appellation