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Sainte Baume
Sainte Baume - Lirac When you enter the village of Lirac from the direction of Tavel, you will notice a path leading to the Sainte Baume. This grotto was originally used as a refuge during times of war or as a shelter for workers and hunters.
  In 1647, a resident of Lirac named Joseph Queyranne discovered, in a small crack in the rock, an image of the Virgin holding the Christ child in her right arm. This discovery led the archbishop to order the construction of a chapel and to give a name to the statue: Notre Dame de Consolation (Our Lady of Solace). Joseph Queyranne, who apparently recovered from a type of epilepsy after his discovery, made a vow to live in the cave as a hermit. A hermitage was built, then enlarged in 1712. People came to the chapel to pray for the healing of the sick. Some time later, suffering from loneliness, the hermit returned to the village. The parish promised to make a procession to the Sainte Baume three times a year to compenstae for the broken vow.
A large façade blocks the enterance to the grotto. A staircase gives you access to a vaulted hall, at the end of which you can see a water tank that was used by the hermits. On either side of the stairs, there are two rooms, each one lighted by a window. A very small spiral staircase takes you to the upper story, where you can see the room which was once used as a sacristy.

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