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Pont du Gard
Pont du Gard The Pont du Gard is located 25 kilometers from Nîmes, in the direction of Avignon. Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985, the Pont du Gard is visited by more than 1,250,000 tourists every year. The bridge is part of the aqueduct built around the year 50 to transport water from the Eure spring near Uzès to Nîmes, a distance of over 50 kilometers.
Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard

photos: CCI de Nîmes


"La Grande Expo" of the Pont du Gard
On the left bank, "la Grande Expo" presents a new perspective on this extraordinary monument:
- The history of the Pont du Gard and the Roman aqueduct: a multimedia exhibit in a 2500 m2-space, in an amazing setting that combines original artefacts, reproductions, images, sounds, and recreations.
- Ludo: a place of discovery for our youngest visitors and for families, where a child can be a Gallo-Roman schoolboy one moment, and the next moment a budding archeologist, studying the evidence from the past.
- "Le Vaisseau du Gardon" (The Vessel of the Gardon), a film devoted to the Pont du Gard, projected on a giant screen in cinemascope.
When you buy tickets for the Grande Expo (which gives you access to all three activities), parking is free.
You can also buy tickets separately for any of these three activities, but without free parking.

A place for relaxation
This completely pedestrian site has many hidden trails that may lead you to the banks of the Gardon, the panoramic viewpoints, or the ruins of the aqueduct.
You can also enjoy a drink, have a meal with friends, or shop in the boutiques.
When night falls in the summertime, the nocturnal lights of James Turrell, an American lighting expert, reveal all the splendor and magic of the bridge in its natural setting.

Upcoming events in 2002
In the spring of 2002, we will present the following outdoor activites: the "Mémoire de Garrigue" trail, which explores the themes of landscapes and agriculture, and other guided tours.

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