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Gicon - Chusclan Gicon, situated at the highest point of the Chusclan district, was probably used as a platform from which communication signals could be sent to the region's other high points: Sabran, Caesar's Camp in Laudun, le Castellas of St-Victor-la-Coste, and others. There is a smaller fort on the path, once taken by Saint Louis, which leads directly to the Rhône and whose main entrance is in Gicon. It seems likely that humans have inhabited Gicon since prehistoric times (it was the site of one of the seven Celtic fire towers). Gicon rises above the ancient passage named the "gué de Carmignan." The banner (red with a blue border), which was restored in 1992, supposedly refers to the presence of a more ancient signal tower. The walls to the northeast, north, and west, which support a terrace, may have been of Celtic origin before they were used by the Romans.
Chateau de Gicon a Chusclan

Chateau de Gicon a Chusclan
A restoration plan, implemented by the Friends of Gicon, was responsible for protecting of the three buildings that showed the least damage, unblocking access to the castle, and providing safety features that were necessary for visitors.

The entrance is to the east; a stone-paved path from the Roman era was discovered intact under the rubble. To the right of the entrace, there is a large building: a fortified house built in the early 14th century at the command of Philippe le Bel. When the water tanks were cleared, a Roman tombstone from the second century was discovered. In the thickness of the north wall, there is a stairway that leads to the floor where the tribunal and offices were probably located.
The West Tower is located above the grotto. According to the foundations that have been discovered, it is estimated that the keep was built between 1200 and 1260. The building to the south, adjacent to the keep, was constructed later. The watch tower to the east was at least two stories tall. There is a second plan to reconstruct the stately buildings to the east and the surrounding wall, and to close off the grotto.
At the request of the owners, the Cave Coopérative, a large number of signs have been placed on the site to guide visitors.
At the foot of the castle, there is one ancient chapel devoted to Saint Madeleine. The chapel has existed for a long time and has been restored several times throughout the years. Today it stands unobstructed in the middle of an enclosure that sets it off to its best advantage. It is still a place for pilgrimages, which take place every third Sunday of June. After a mass given in Provençal, the pilgrims gather to share a meal in a warm and convivial ambience.

Information   for guided tours, contact the Cave Coopérative (04 66 90 11 03)
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