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Chapelle Saint Martin de Jussan
Chapelle Saint Martin de Jussan The Romanesque Chapel of St-Martin de Jussan is one of the most beautiful and most well-preserved in the region. It is surrounded by a grove of olive trees, once the site of a cemetery that belonged to a lost village. The chapel is said to have been built by Pepin to commemorate his victory over the Saracens who had invaded the country. It is presumed that the small stream nearby, where the battle took place, was then named after him.
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  In the Middle Ages, the chapel was under royal jurisdiction, and it occupied a strategic position near a network of roads leading to the Cévennes, to Nîmes, and to the Rhône.
In 1839, the family of the Comtes de Voguës had a tomb built underneath the floor, and three of its members are now buried there. The restored sections, which can be distinguished by the size of the stones, date from 1543, 1839, and 1872. Up to the 1950's, the chapel remained in relatively good condition because people came to pray to Saint Martin for a cure for children's tinea. On March 22, 1976, M. le Marquis Pierre de Voguës ceded the chapel and the olive grove to the town of Tresques.
In the early 1980's, contemporary stained-glass windows were installed. The chapel was inscribed on the list of historical monuments in 1982. Its restoration was begun in 1990.

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