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Saint Victor la Coste
Castellas a Saint Victor la Coste Saint Victor la Coste is a rare vestige of our medieval heritage. The impressive ruins of a magnificent fortified castle are preserved at the top of a hill that overlooks the plain of the Rhône. A long rampart circles the hill from the castle to the village, which is protected by a second high wall.
Castellas a Saint Victor la Coste

Castellas a Saint Victor la Coste
It was an important fief of the Sabran family, who were connetables of the counts of Toulouse. Because of its fortifications and its position, the place was reputed to be impregnable.

Although we can find the names of its owners in the archives, no one knows who built it originally. No one can say who created, stone by stone, this fortress whose walls have resisted the ravages of time.

This fortified medieval castle of le Castellas, in Saint Victor la Coste, is often compared to Cathar castles.
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