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Narrows of Lussan
Narrows of Lussan - Lussan
L'Aiguillon, a river that goes dry during the summer, has carved out a rocky gorge called "Les Concluses" on the limestone plateau. From a viewpoint high above, your gaze plunges down into the gorge, which is riddled with potholes. As you descend along the side of the gorge, you can see many cavities in the walls. The largest one is the "Baume du Biou," or the Grotto of the Ox.

As you walk down towards the riverbed, the steep, rocky slope opens up onto a flat wooded area surrounded by magnificent rocks. At the bottom, once you've crossed the "gate," which is the gully that water passes through during heavy rains, you will discover an extraordinary place. At the bottom of the gorges, you can walk betwen the rocky slopes, enchanted by the silence and savage beauty of the site. You can take this path only during the summer, and it is not recommended that you explore it alone.

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