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Ceze river gorges
Gorges de la Cze - Lirac If you start your journey in Bagnols sur Cèze, you can walk across the Cèze River plain until you reach Goudargues and Saint André de Roquepertuis. This plain is surrounded by villages and hamlets in which wine-growing is still prevalent. A little farther away, you'll see the wooded hills begin to draw closer together, and you will begin to enter a narrow gorge

The medieval village of Montclus is the sentry that stands guard over this part of the river, which enters a narrow gully until it reaches Tharaux and then spreads out onto a plain. Only one road crosses through this wilderness; it begins in Saint Privat de Champclos, where it twists and turns until it reaches the forests and garrigue of Méjannes le Clap.

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