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Paul-Raymond Museum
Museum Paul-Raymond - Pont Saint Esprit
Benn, The Scroll
The Paul Raymond Museum is located in the former town hall, which was constructed from 1832-1833.
Benn, Landscape

Benn, The Conversation

photos: Daspet


There is an important exhibition currently in place which pays homage to the painter Benn (1905-1989). A native of Russia, Benn arrived in Paris in 1929. He never left the city, whose artistic fluctuations he followed and recorded. Jean Cocteau remarked of him, "I am always amazed when, on the great, mysterious wave that carries painting towards some unknown destiny, I see a strange bit of seaweed floating on its surface: it is a painter, faithful to his own style and not trying to move with the times. Thus I salute the wise and immovable Benn, who stands at the epicenter of a cyclone of forms and colors." That was the beginning of his reputation, which he always tried to maintain discreet. He was shattered by the loss of his family during the war. Benn, who was of Jewish descent, found solace in the world of the Bible. To bring these sacred writings closer to his heart, he spent his twilight years translating them, in a style so spare and so humane style that it transcended religious barriers. Naturally, this work finds its place in this museum.

Hours October 1-May 31: Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, 10 am-noon and 2-6 pm
June 1-September 30: every day except Monday, 10 am-noon and 3-7 pm
Closed  February.
Information   Paul Raymond Museum
Place de l'Ancienne Mairie
30130 Pont-Saint-Esprit
04 66 39 09 98
Offices 04 66 90 75 80
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