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Museum Pierre-de-Luxembourg
Museum Pierre-de-Luxembourg - Villeneuve les Avignon
Coronation of the Virgin, 1453-1454
This museum, which has occupied one of the buildings of cardinal Ceccano's palace since 1986, was founded in 1868 to bring together the collections from the monasteries of the cardinal's domain, including the Abbey of Saint-André and the Carthusian monastery of the Val de Bénédiction.
Reynaud Levieux
Christ with Angels

Nicolas Mignard
Saint Anne, the Virgin, and a Carthusian monk


Ivory sculpture of the Virgin Mary (14th century)

It provides a magnificent setting worthy of the remarkable ivory sculpture of the Virgin Mary (early 14th century) and of the "Coronation of the Virgin" (1453-1454) by Enguerrand Quarton, one of the masterpieces of 15th-century French painting.
The museum also presents an overview of Provençal painting of the 16th and 17th centuries, including the works of Simon de Châlons, Reynaud Levieux, Nicolas Mignard, and Philippe de Champaigne.

Hours every day except Monday
October 1-March 31:
10 am-noon and 2-5:30 pm.
April 1-September 30:
10 am-12:30 pm and 3-7 pm
Closed  February.
Information   Pierre-de-Luxembourg Museum
3, rue de la République
30400 Villeneuve lès Avignon
04 90 27 49 66
Offices 04 66 90 75 80
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