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Leon Alegre Museum
Museum Leon Alegre - Bagnols sur Ceze
Mask of a Coptic mummy
Reconstruction of a corner of the thermal baths of the Gaujac oppidum
Since 1983, the original collection assembled by Léon Alègre has been displayed in the "Maison Jourdan," in order to pay homage to the passionate archeologist who was also one of the founders of the Museum of Bagnols-sur-Cèze in the 19th century.
18th-century map of the springs of Bagnols sur Cèze
  Gallo-Roman artefacts
Two rooms recall Léon Alègre's cabinet of curiosities, product of the collector's open-mindedness and eclecticism.
Numerous drawings and writings show the artist's interest in local and regional life. They recreate picturesque views of the old town and the surrounding countryside.
The finest discoveries of the local archeological society have been added to the artefacts preserved in the permanent collections. Visitors are presented with a vast overview of the civilizations that succeeded each other on this land facing the Rhône Valley, and they can look at artefacts from the beginning of the Iron Age to the end of Roman antiquity.

Hours Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
10 am-noon and 2-6 pm
July-August: 3-7pm
Closed  February
Information   Léon-Alègre Museum
24, avenue Paul Langevin
30200 Bagnols-sur-Cèze
04 66 89 74 00
Offices 04 66 90 75 80
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